Marine Protected Areas or just “Paper-parks”

Protecting marine areas is a vital measure in re-establishing and protecting the blue paradises that support and give life to our planet.  So when we learned that the SDG target 14.5 (see introduction to the SDGs here Life Below Water – Sustainable Development Goal 14) was the only one of the four targets under SDG 14 with a 2020 deadline to meet (or on track to meet) to be realised, we were delighted and keen for the target to be extended to conserve beyond the 10 % of coastal and marine areas (World Oceans Day is calling for the goal to be extended to 30 pct. protected by 2030 (Sign the Petition – World Ocean Day). But then we learned that the 10 % is “rounded up” from less than 5 % or maybe only 1 % (defying the rules of mathematics and common sense).  Continue reading Marine Protected Areas or just “Paper-parks”