Electric Propulsion

Over the last few years a lot has happened in electric propulsion – major breakthroughs and innovations. From being a weird ‘nerd’ or ‘hippie’ who drives or is trying to drive an electric bike/car/scooter, we’re now consider driving an EV pretty cool and awesome, with Elon (the Tesla guy) becoming some new kind of Rockstar. … Continue reading Electric Propulsion


In this discussion things will probably heat up – like some engines do when their complicated cooling systems fail. Especially marine diesel engines are by far the most dirty and polluting parts of a boat, smoking, leaking and breaking down. Yet remarkably awesome inventions, despite their complexity, still manage to push us out of unpleasant … Continue reading Engine

Water and wastewater

Fresh Water : Probably the most precious and scarce cargo we carry around. Once underway, we are forced to reduce and limit our consumption as much as possible. Overconsumption at sea is therefore most likely not the biggest issue. But once we reach the marina, we sailors tend to go wild; spraying and scrubbing the … Continue reading Water and wastewater

Bottom paint

Bottom paint’s effectiveness is mostly based on its toxicity, as its purpose is to create a toxic environment around the underwater parts in order to kill or repel all the buggers that want to colonize your precious. This is no news and balancing the trade off between environmental friendliness and protecting the keel has kept … Continue reading Bottom paint

A Greener Boat

Given you have the patience to read further, you might find some ideas/products/innovations that will help make your precious boat as green as possible, not in colour – unless you of course like that. But what do we mean by green or sustainable anyway? Well, mostly being as mindful and gentle towards nature as possible. … Continue reading A Greener Boat