Log 12 Crossing the Biscay

Departure: Glénan Islands, July 23  Arrival: Bélon (Rivière deBélonn), July 23 Nautical miles: 10 Ever been fooled by the forecast? Bet you have, we’ve many times, but our departure from the Glénan is probably one of the worst. We knew bad weather was coming up, but according to the forecast we should have had plenty of times to get … Continue reading Log 12 Crossing the Biscay

Electric Propulsion

Over the last few years a lot has happened in electric propulsion – major breakthroughs and innovations. From being a weird ‘nerd’ or ‘hippie’ who drives or is trying to drive an electric bike/car/scooter, we’re now consider driving an EV pretty cool and awesome, with Elon (the Tesla guy) becoming some new kind of Rockstar. … Continue reading Electric Propulsion


In this discussion things will probably heat up – like some engines do when their complicated cooling systems fail. Especially marine diesel engines are by far the most dirty and polluting parts of a boat, smoking, leaking and breaking down. Yet remarkably awesome inventions, despite their complexity, still manage to push us out of unpleasant … Continue reading Engine