Electric Propulsion

3 thoughts on “Electric Propulsion”

  1. I’ve been super impressed with Dan and Kika on Sailing Uma, but I just don’t think I could go all-electric, especially in my relatively high latitudes (low solar gain) waters. I applaud you for your desire to get rid of your diesel and for your clear-eyed assessment of the pros and cons; if anyone can make all-electric work at Aegean latitudes, it’s you two (plus Kai, of course). I’ll keep searching for the smallest, lightest old boat I can find to minimize the power required to move her along, whether by wind, electric or petrol. Thanks for continuing to point on your green heading and for keeping it real, and keeping it weird. Jay


    1. Hi Jay,

      Indeed, Uma got it right, they took the decision and went for it, not following their channel very much but it seems to be working well for them, as it does for many others we know !

      A light boat for your case will definitely help lower the costs for such an investment. The range, or perhaps the limiting factor of battery prices is definitely a drawback. However, the efficiency of an electric engine is so great, that most days the range wouldn’t be a problem. Reading your blog, I really like the idea of adding a sail to a little ‘motor’ cruiser, for downwind- perhaps beam conditions too?. Most fishing boats had this feature some decades ago, but cheap fuel made it obsolete, nowadays its coming back even in bigger cargo ships with small improvements (Kites, rotor sails etc.):)
      In my view I would go with electric propulsion, even if you can afford only a small battery bank, you can always have a small generator that can charge at the same rate the engine consumes. Lots of people go nuts hearing such ‘cheating solution’ as it defeats the purpose in their view. However, if 80% of the time your battery range is sufficient and only on 20% of the time you are using an inefficient hybrid, you should be well off 🙂
      In our case unfortunately, we are still stuck with our old diesel, proven more reliable then we ever hoped for (so far – knock on wood) and any investment towards a long term viable electric solution is quite out of reach atm. We hope however to get there somehow rather sooner than later, its just the right thing to do! Till then we will sail more and drift more 🙂
      Good luck finding your little dream boat it sounds like an awesome plan 🙂
      Leo, Pernille & Kai


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